Entry: news flash Feb 11, 2004

I sit back and watch all of the kids at my school, and, itís amazing how so many of them are SO immature, especially for being in 8th grade, with LESS than HALF of a year left. Why do people make the decisions that they do even if they know itís going to fuck their lives up at least temporarily, and maybe even for the rest of their life? The things people do, and say is amazing. You see girls walking around the halls with their pants too tight and shirt too small with their mid-drifts hanging out, HELLO PEOPLE, youíre only 13/14, you donít need to be doing that, youíve got your whole life ahead of youÖ donít try to act so mature in that field when you act so immaturely in all of the others. What do you want to be when you get older? Money doesnít grow on trees, you know. People have to work damn hard for what they have. There is no reason that you shouldnít too, your just like everybody else, no matter how different you think that you are.


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