Entry: its really late.. Feb 11, 2004

i cant sleep i dont know why- something's bothering me, but i don't know what it is... maybe its everything thats wrong... thus i can't pin-point what IS wrong... but maybe i'm just rambling on incoherently... you never know... How come NOBODY i know... nobody, (my age) seems to "click" with me... male or female... it seems like either people are too good for me or don't see past my looks... im the kind of person that you CANT jusdge by my cover... and you can't know me over- night, or in a day or in a week or even in a year.. probably not even a lifetime.. i'm still trying to figure out where it is that i belong, or IF i belong. 

there is this girl i know.. and she dosnt feel like she needs to continue with life... but she also dosnt want to commit suicide (thankfully).  I think that she just feels lost... but I dont know how to help her, and i'm afraid shes dying more and more every day, she's not the same person... can anybody help me get her back to her happy innocent, successful self? Please..?


May 4, 2004   11:54 AM PDT
Bridget, I know you, not personally, but I go to your school and YOUR the one who turn people down. There are probably tons of people who are JUST LIKE YOU and you don't care. Sorry, but it's your falt. Nothing against you personally, because we share a lot of views about religion, faith, and music, but unfortunally for you, you will never get to know me...
February 13, 2004   11:36 AM PST
.. so i'm like.. what? 2 years older than you, and i think your the greatest thing since ez mac.. so there! i like you and you know it! so there!!! muahahahah! somebody relativly your age is deeply in love w. you.!!!! scary eh?

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