Entry: dot dot dot Feb 11, 2004

Homosexuality is becoming more and more open each dayÖ and thatís an awesome thing, but there are so many people that donít accept it. Every one of them, having their bogus reasonsÖ and the one I hear the most is the Christians saying how god says itís a sin. From what I know about god, he was supposed to create every man and woman equal, well I think that if weíre all equal, then we all should be treated equally, which, in reality I know will never happen. But the thing that most people donít realize, or the realize it but donít really BELIEVE it, is that YOU can make a difference. If a kid that you sit by is getting made fun of, stand up for him or her, you never know but you saved their life. Peopleís feelings get hurt real easy, especially if you get made fun of each and every day, and it keeps ripping and tearing at you, that you eventually break. Homosexuality is not an easy thing to live with, lots of people shun you just because you like another male or if your female, like another girl. The world is NOT equal, but if we work on it, we can make it a better place to be. Iím 13, and I know now what many people wonít realize until theyíre an adult, and even then, some wonít realize it. Itís sitting right in front of your face, peopleÖ open your eyes and see it, touch it take it into consideration. Yes, wisdom comes with age, but maturity, is a whole different story, I know many 5 year olds that are already more mature the tons of people that go to my school. Close-mindedness and ignorance is becoming a major problem in society today, more than it ever has before, each and every day- getting worse and worse. As for gay and lesbian marriages; IT NEEDS TO BE LEGALIZED. God forbid, if you honestly fell in love with a person, and thought it was important to get married (yes, Iím talking male and female) and the FUCKING government tells you that you canít because they said so, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? WHAT WOULD YOU FEEL? WOULD YOU DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT? Itís the same story here, folks, two people falling in love, feeling the need to get married, or the want, whatever it is, so be it. NOBODY, absolutely NOBODY should have the right to tell somebody that they canít get married to a person because of something like gender, race, religion. Iím truly sorry if I offend anybody here, but, Christianity and Catholicism is SO MUCH BULLSHIT. HOW come itís a sin to be a homosexual, because some man wrote it on a paper and sent it to sea in a glass bottle? Iím sorry, I really shouldnít be covering this topic because I personally know nothing about religion, but come on, itís common senseÖ NO Christian I talk to can tell me where god came from, I thought everything had to have a beginningÖ? I do believe in a higher-power, but not god. Nothingness (outer space) was created into something, maybe a gas, or a liquid even, the friction causing it to form another and another, call causing a lump of what we call earth, spinning, spinning, that nothingness, that was created into SOMETHING, using that something to create another thing and another and anotherÖ I believe that we MAY be what we call an "extra-terrestrials", perhaps one of MANY! Giving us nothing but life, having to create something out of nothing. For all we know, we could be germs living in a bio-tube, creating our own world, atmosphere, life. There may be no god, Jesus, virgin marry, or any other higher power, in the religious sense. But, we could also be like ants in an antfarm, the ozone layer being the top layer of sand deteroriating more and more each and every FUCKING day

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February 20, 2004   12:23 PM PST
First off I wanna say that I have nothing at all against gays or lesbians what-so-ever. But I am Catholic and this is a very strong subject between churches. What the catholic church teaches is simply that God created man and woman to marry and have sex and all not for men to be with men and women to be with women. It says nothing about gays or lesbians in the bible... And I have always wondered where did God come from too. I would consider myself a farely religious person but I have a lot of questions about my faith such as this. Although I know it is looked at as wrong in my church and I dont fully understand all this...I have nothing agains gays or lesbians. And I think it is totally wrong for them to be discriminated against...but you do have to remember this is all new for a lot of people. Many people haven't really been exposed to this as to the extent and popularity it is now. The only reason that I know why people do this is because these people are different(which is no just reason) people should accept people for people. I have lesbian/gay friends and I dont necisarily approve of the fact that they are lesbian/gay but I like them for who they are not what they are. Just my view on this....
February 13, 2004   11:36 AM PST

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