Entry: ... Feb 16, 2004

valentines day just reminds me of how pathetic i am that i don't have somebody to call MINE.  is it too much to ask that couples keep their love to themselves? although, i must say, i enjoyed myself this valentines day... i got to hang out with my two bestest friends... Trevor and Ian...

last night i was trying to fall asleep and i was watching lizzie mc guire and it was the eppisode where she gave advice and stuff for a collum in the school newspaper.. and gordo was in charge of it. things werent working out for lizzie and gordo said that she couldnt quit yet she had to answer just one more email (if you don'ot watch the show, her, and gordo are best friends) and the last one was something like this" dear lizzie, i think im starting to like my best friend more than a friend, what should i do? signed, help"  and lizzie replied to it, not having any idea who it was... and she said she can't tell them what to do, just to follow their heart... its approaching the end of the show and it implies that gordo was the one that wrote the letter, but lizzie didn't have the slightest idea..



February 17, 2004   11:10 AM PST
You coulda claimed me! =P
February 16, 2004   12:05 PM PST
Don't worry. A lot of people feel alone on this special holiday. :(

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