Entry: update Mar 13, 2004

hmm well i havent wrote in this mother fucker for god knows how long.  im in the process of writing a spiffy song.. BY MY FUCKING SELF.  And you know what? It's starting to sound good, so there, i don't need you.  anyhow, a lots changed since last update.. actualy last update was my birthday, so i am now 14.  i hate birthdays, my last birthday was probably the worst ive ever had.  i was depressed as hell and i dont fucking know why.  oh well, im over it now.  next friday is my friends party, its gonna be fucking awesome.. thers gonna be 3 bands playing, CYBWOTYSO (changing your bra without taking your shirt off, with my good buddy sean as the lead guitar), T-12 (theorem 12, also with my bestest buddies sean and eddie in it, sean guitar, and eddie trapset) and mellowmoto, which i havent heard before, i guess theyre supposed to be like incubus only not as hard?  Yeah, i dont know. but its going to be grand.  i guess im getting suspended for busting up a fire extinguisher... sounds.. lovely huh?  sucky part is, it wasnt even all that fun.  my hamburger dick said he should expell me becasue of my past experiences as well but hes not going to if i agree to talk to some fire fighter dude.. so yeah im doing that. i might even get out of suspension if i talk to that retard.  my moms prego, its gonna be a boy, i can feel it, i vote the name brian or miles.  I like miles more, because its not such a popular name, you dont ehar it around near as much as you hear brian.  or i also like the name brecken... brecken is my favorite, not miles. i changed my mind. brecken, i hope she names it brecken.  anyhow.. im trying to think, i dont think anythings new.. this sucks.  im starting another oil painting, its going to be wicked! yeah well im gonna go so uh ill ttyl kay? bye


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