Bridget » now hes with this girl named crystal lets just say i dont like her and she dosnt like me.
Bridget » yeah im fine ive just been getting into a lot of legal trouble and my family forbids me to get on the internet anymore. i'm at my moms house and im using her l ap top...hes not w/ alexa anymore
Sunshine » you havent been posting. you ok?
sunshine » denys told me he was bi. i guess edward told her. how old is this alexa girl? yeah, i told my bf bout him and he's after his hide. nothing personal, matt just dont like the fact that he hurt me often.
bridget » heh, where did you hear he's bi from? yeah, we broke up a while ago... he's got a new gf...alexa. i guess she goes to pound. he's still my friend though
sunshine » losing his bones hat. i heard he's bi. and that you two broke up. im really confused. i saw his dad at menards the other day.
bridget » what did he almost cry about?
sunshine » i didnt hear anything aobut him making out with someone. or who crystal is. but that might have been who he was flirting with. it was funny. to bad his hat is lost. he almost cried.
bridget » i heard about that little hockey tournament... and he made out with crystal?
sunshine » and his friend's dad got in a fight and got the team suspended.
sunshine » as in a long time ago. lol. i saw jared at a hockey tourny in omaha. of course, his other days dont mean much to anybody besides him cuz nobody cares aobut him. but he looked horrible.
bridget » tomorrow as in what date?
sunshine » isnt there a cybwotyso show tomorrow?
bridget » ...whos gobby? and yeah its wrong for a person to beat another person, PERIOD.
gobby » g2g bixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
gobby » ppl r u me m8
gobby » is any 1 talking 2 me here
lauren » sunshine
lauren » hya ladies
sunshine » not yours. ur bf's. hes an ass, and for abusing me, he should have the shit kicked outta him. its only fair. besides, several ppl hate him 4 wut he did 2 me
bridget » heh, whats this i hear about you wanting to 'kick my ass'?
sunshine » well. 8.8 is his score. he's really fine, and i think hes hot as hell. everyone one of my buddies thinks he's sexy. so yeah, uber-hot.
bridget » heh no.. i did once... and it was just to get ratings... i think, or to talk to new people.. is he actually hot? or is he not..??
sunshine » they've been friends for a few years, but shes the kinda guirl who flirts with every1. its all ok. he put his pic up on grr. does that mean hes looking for someone new? lol
bridget » he should know by now if he ever hits me he'll surely get his ass beat. does him and that one girl he took to the game have somethin goin on or did they just go as friends?
sunshine » im still angry @ my bf for going 2 the game w/ that slut. we made up. he bought me a teddy bear. he treats me like an angel.
sunshine » yeah,u cant help but care for him. but hes fucked up on these drugs. oh well,hes still gonna get the shit beat outta him for hitting me those few times.
bridget » even so i care about him and i guess thats all that really matters.. and i really needa update this stupid thing.
sunshine » girl, he says that to everyone. jamie, me and now you. guys are dicks. belive me, mine just went to a game with another chick. dont let what he says fool you. they'll say anything to get inside you
bridget » i woudlnt know if he was good or bad if we did get that far.. i havent had any of that experience elsewhere..
bridget » yeah i know he does crank but.. if what he says is remotely true, then he loves me more than anyone else has... i could just be fooling myself too. i dont know.
sunshine » there basically is no use for him anymore.......ardilla
sunshine » i kno. i tried getting him to stop all drugs, i got him to stop crank for a small while. yes, he does crank. so, if he doesnt love enuff, id say fuck it cuz hes bad in bed
bridget » well as much as i hate to say it, i dont think he could ever love me enough as to stop doing drugs for ME...nor himself. unfortionately.. thats like telling me i cant eat anymore..
sunshine » if you and jared cared aobut each other would you try and help him do whats best for himself? i mean, i wouldnt let my baby doing anything that would hurt him. hes too fragile
sunshine » bf and i have secrests. lol. kinky ones. biting is fun. TOS for me. unless my dog bites my crotch
bridget » i was talking to denys she told me biting is fun... but ... blood? crazy
sunshine » my bf bit me (kinky) and i poked it hard enough to bleed. its funny.
bridget » im not too woried about it at the moment as long as i dont have to be around him when hes doing them ill be good and why is your neck bleeding?
sunshine » not many people do. boys and meth dont fit together very well when you expect a relationship out of him. it sucks. and my neck is bleeding
bridget » yeah denys i know you dont like him
bridget » at the time we were... somewhat enemys.. i thought he hated me, he thought i hated him... words of cruelity were exchanged.
Denys » .. as ms. sunshine stated.. you can do so much better.. Denys<-- much better
sunshine » aim can lick my left one. idk y i didnt like ya. is it bad to be jealous of my bf's galpals when he also goes 2 lne?
bridget » you know, it would be so much easier to talk ever AIM
bridget » last i heard it was becasue when you were goin o/w him at the beginning of this year i talked to him... its what i heard anywya
sunshine » sure, i dislike you, i forget why acctually, but, i tried to kill myself over jared, and he's not worth it. besides, you could do sooooo much better
bridget » are you serious? last i knew you wanted to kick my ass... and you hated me.
sunshine » yeah, it is. u spelled it rite. my bf calls me sunshine. yeah, im not trying to be mean, maybe itll be different 4 u but, i dont want him to break ur heart. just looking out 4 ya
bridget » i take it your.. brittni? (i probably spelled it worngs sorry)
sunshine » oh. and jared, hes ok and everything blah blah blah but he causes heartache. dont get mad but he doesnt care bout NE1 but himself
sunshine » i dont mind you spelling it wrong. dont matter. just stating
bridget » and sorry fro speling sunshine wrong. i hate trying to spell right on the internet.
bridget » he won't do me any good, huh? expose yourself, and express to me why you think that.
bridget » i woudlnt bitch at you
bitchalot » sooo.......hows jared? happy now that you have him? cuz he wont do you any good. just fyi
sunshine » plus. if you knew who this was. yo'd freak out and start tlaking mad shit.
sunshine » you mispelled sunshine
sunshine » i must go perform viloent acts of sensless violence on my offspring
sunshine » yes. i do. i could give you hints but im having a blonde moment so the only hints would give it away
bridget » to shunshine.. no, i dont think i do, why do you know me?
sunshine » you dont know me do you?
sunshine » i disagree on the whole love post. love is when youd give your life to make someone else happy. when you cant live without someone. when you make each other happy and can be 2gether
sunshine » HAHA. this is funny shit man. i agree on the whole gay/lesbian thing. if god loved us and wanted us to respect him, hed atleast let us love who we love. the government will eventually have to give way
Garrett » Bridget is the coolest person in the whole entire world...
NvrCry21 » I miss ya so much.. Keep writing b/c that's some tight bitch shit. I luv ya!
Zach » hey
mistress of the land » probably...
Denys » lmfao.. which friend..? chloe?
mistress of the land » 'twas green to me hah i remember one day in the badnroom after shchool i was debating w/ my friend about your sex.. i said you were female, and that you had big boobs.. lol and i proved my point
Denys » god damn you, my hair was BLUE!!!!!!
mistress of the land » green hair lesbian!
Denys » hehe you know it!
mistress of the land » freak
mistress of the land » EWWWWWW
Denys » i wouldnt mind fucking you..
mistress of the land » ewww you wanna fuck candy now?? ewww
Denys » i can still love you though! just not as in like.. shit man, i wanna fuck you now.. more like.. dude, your totally fucking awsome, and i want to be your friend the rest of my life kind of love
mistress of the land » your engaged..
Denys » tis quite funny isnt it babe? oh well.. i do love you with all my heart and soul and you know it!
mistress of the land » funny joke
Denys » bridget.. i love you!
mistress of the land » uh oh
mistress of the land » dude.. none of that in my...whatever this is
the cool person » (n-word) please
the cool person » (n-word) please
Denys » bitch please..
mistress of the land » that was before she got with me..
Denys » lol.. candy said i was GREAT in bed.. hmm..
mistress of the land » that one guy said you were real nice in bed... i said ewwww denys dosnt like boys, you lier, and he said no really, she sucked me off..and he showd me his cunt...and DD tits...
Denys » nobody ever said i was nice baby girl
mistress of the land » no! not like that...ewww your got a nasty mind... ewww you got cooties... ewwww thats bad......... ewww denys ew your naughty.. ewwwwwwwww
mistress of the land » didnt mean to comment THAT many times... thought it didnt register
Denys » lol, you wanna eat me?
mistress of the land » missy your crusin for a dare you back talk me.. i otta back hand you..
mistress of the land » missy your crusin for a brusing, dont back talk to me ill eat you ... feet first
mistress of the land » missy your crusin for a brusing, dont back talk to me ill eat you ... feet first
Denys » a damn good dyke at that, and dont you forget it
mistress of the land » <-- bridget btw
mistress of the land » your just a dyke, denys..